ADS Analysts Pass the Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Test

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Bill Evans and Eric Tarantino are now “Certified Analytics Professionals”!  The two passed the INFORM’s CAP test (https://www and are now the 13th (Eric) and 15th (Bill) certified professionals in the State of California (of 15 total).  Congratulations!

Bill TarantinoADS Analysts Pass the Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Test

Presentations at MORS

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In June, Bill T. and Bill E. (also known as “R2”) traveled to Washington DC for the Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Symposium. Bill briefed on Infrastructure Analytics, a new initiative to help develop location analysis capabilities within the Army. R2 introduced the new Design of Experiment (DOE) capabilities that ADS is developing to help experimenters pick the “best” design …

Bill EvansPresentations at MORS

ADS Verified as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE), has verified Active Decision Support, Inc. as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). The VA has special authority for SDVOSB Set-Aside and Sole Source Contracts.  Public Law (P.L.) 109-461 entitled “Veterans Benefits, Health Care, and Information Technology Act of 2006” provides VA with unique authority for contracting with SDVOSB.  …

Eric TarantinoADS Verified as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

Simulation and HSI

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A soldier tests out a heavy-wheeled-vehicle driver simulator. (Image courtesy of the Department of Defense.) Previous discussions on our blog that reference “simulation” have been in the context of repeating the same process, algorithm, or heuristic with different inputs. This type of simulation is very helpful in demonstrating the variability of a problem and the pathways its execution can take. …

Bill EvansSimulation and HSI

Randomness versus Reproducibility

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In the last several years, there has been considerable effort made by publications to enforce reproducibility of the research they publish. In short, if a reader is unable to reproduce the mathematical results of a paper, where is the rigor of the review process or the power of the conclusion? Although not all technical authors are guilty of modifying data or manipulating …

Bill EvansRandomness versus Reproducibility

GRUMPs Established

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The GRUMPs (Group of R Users in the Monterey Peninsula) met Wednesday night for an opening meeting. Though a “mere” 10 people showed up (with several others “regretting” due to prior engagements), there was a lot of productive discussion about the group administration mechanics, and the “way ahead.” The members vary between relatively new R users to more hard-core programmers, …

Bill EvansGRUMPs Established

First Meeting of the GRUMPs

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ADS, along with Revolution Analytics, is sponsoring the startup of a new R User Group in the Monterey vicinity. We’re hoping to spark conversation and local education in R as an analysis tool, a simulation/prototyping language, and as a teaching/learning mechanism. The first meeting is being held next week, and is simply to gauge interest in topics and formats as …

Bill EvansFirst Meeting of the GRUMPs

ADS Establishes California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) Contract

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The State of California has accepted ADS’s offer to establish a California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) Contract. State and Local Agencies can review or request a copy of Active Decision Support Inc.’s CMAS Contract, select services they desire, and send ADS the purchase order directly without the need for a bidding process.  In short, the CMAS Contract: Allows ADS to …

Eric TarantinoADS Establishes California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) Contract

Comparison of Programming Languages (part 1)

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In a recent working paper for the National Bureau of Economic Research, the authors perform a complex macroeconomics function in multiple programming languages and then compare the speed of execution. There has been a decent amount of discussion specifically regarding this paper and on language performance in general. I’m frankly a little surprised that there hasn’t been more of a …

Bill EvansComparison of Programming Languages (part 1)

ADS and R

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I was recently able to attend a conference at UCLA for a programming language simply called R. ADS uses R for data analysis, simulation, and linear and non-linear modeling, to name a few, and we are expanding our use of the language into other fields. R is a language growing in popularity in numerous disciplines (not just statistical analysis), including …

Bill EvansADS and R