Email Security

email-padlockWe respect and value the privacy of our clients. We use public-key infrastructure (PKI) digital signing and encryption for sensitive information, using an industry standard S/MIME.

In order to send sensitive information to one of us, you will need one of our public certificates, available below. You will also need a certificate of your own. If you do not already have valid certificate yourself, Comodo kindly provides free email certificates. They have help on using the certificates in many email browsers.

To use our public certificates, please the appropriate certificate below, save it to your computer, and import it into your preferred email client.

  • Bill Tarantino, PhD, President: cert, (Expires: 2018 June)
    (SHA256: D6:89:84:C7:6D:F4:8A:61:2C:49:94:DA:70:C7:F1:13:60:A3:20:D4:B4:B5:C5:8D:FE:2E:EB:0C:78:08:E6:F5)
    (SHA256: …)
  • Bill Evans, Senior Analyst: cert, (Expires: 2018 June)
    (SHA256: 45:BF:18:D4:E7:54:76:80:D8:1A:B1:17:FB:9A:B3:8B:3D:AC:30:86:21:48:E5:9B:F3:DE:74:A4:E4:3B:27:BB)