ADS applies Operations Research methods across a wide range of subjects to help corporate and government organizations make informed decisions.  We analyze your situation and then provide the information you need to make fact-based decisions that help build your business.  The analytical methods we apply usually include decision analysis, optimization techniques,  economic analysis, simulation, statistical analysis, and location analysis.  Most problems also require the combination of multiple methods, which we apply to meet client needs.

We can build models that represent your operations and help you make informed decisions.  We can also examine the economics behind your decisions, the costs and benefits, life cycle costs, and help you get the most out of your resources.

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Decision Analysis

How can decision support systems help me?

All organizations make hard decisions at varying levels of required investment, uncertainty, and expected benefit. We apply the appropriate method(s) including multi-objective decision analysis, cost-benefit analysis, and economic analysis techniques to help you make informed decisions.


What can system optimization do for me?

Optimization prescribes the best solution for a client’s business given a set of resource constraints and an objective–for example, to maximize profit given a set of production, demand, and supply constraints.

Economic Analysis

What types of economic analysis are available to me?

Economic analysis assesses cash flow over time given a set of costs and revenues. It’s usually used in conjunction with other methods that project cost and revenue. For example, investment planning may use optimization, but also require economic analysis.


How can simulations help my company?

Clients can benefit from simulation that represents their business situation or considers the uncertainties surrounding a decision. This method provides clients additional information on their situation prior to investing or when trying to clarify which factors affect their business–for example, which factors have the greatest influence on profitability.

Statistical Analysis

How can I best apply statistics to my data?

Many times, the best solution is not made apparent by the data alone. Clients need to know what probability there is of an event occurring or that a significant percentage of the survey base supports a particular answer. Statistics are also powerful within sports analytics and cost estimation.

Location Analysis, Including BRAC

What are the best locations for my company’s resources?

Businesses and government re-size their operations and need to determine which are the best sites to meet their new requirements. We help clients determine what “best” means for them according to business-specific criteria. We then assist in determining the sites that meet those criteria. In some cases Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) analysis may be needed. We can support BRAC or use BRAC methods for many location analyses.

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